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Here is some history and a few thoughts on my work.


I was born in New York in 1944 and grew up in Connecticut. In spite of a righteously unsuccessful high School experience, I managed to finish college with a BA in music in 1968. The late sixties were spent in graduate school, continuing to study music composition and completing a Master of Fine Arts degree. Armed with a professional attitude and the paper to back it up, I began teaching... first music and then woodworking to small children. The early 70's led through a series of jobs culminating with new interests and the beginnings of a new family. After having met my wife in Europe, we eventually decided to settle here. My new interests involved musical instrument building and eventually a formal study in jewelry design at a Swiss graduate design school. Becoming a goldsmith and watch designer in the 80's consumed the next ten years or so of my creative life and ended only through a return to working with youths and small children in projects with the city of Zurich.

Artist Statement

My interest in photography began about 20 years ago. I had always had a secret desire to become a painter, but not trusting my abilities with a brush, I bought a camera instead and began to train my eye to observe critically. Since many of my creative interests have been developed through largely teaching myself, photography was going to be no exception.

The photographic works found on my website represent things that have been or are a part of my life…from Monet through Klein(Franz)…Atget to Ghirri…and back to Bach (of course).

I hope you enjoy them.